Pahiyas Festival: Beauty is in the details

Anyone who has not heard or read about the Pahiyas Festival must have buried one’s head in the sand for too long. Pahiyas is the most colorful and perhaps the most photographed festival in the country, which draws thousands of visitors to Lucban, Quezon Province in mid-May. Right after the event, pictures of the beautifully decorated houses are posted all over, to show the creativity of Lucbanins in giving thanks to their patron saint for a bountiful year.

 St. Isidore the Laborer, is the Catholic patron saint of farmers whose feast day is celebrated on May 15th.

To attend the Pahiyas and not take pictures, or not have your pictures taken, would be a non sequitur. I’m posting some photos here, too; though I’ll have less of the usual, and more of the parts rather than the whole.  Hmm… the real reason is that, it’s not that easy taking pictures there without other cameras blocking your view.

A house decorated with sayote (sechium edule) or chayote (also known as mirliton and choko).
That’s a lot of suman! Suman sa ibos is native rice cake made from glutinous rice, wrapped in coconut leaves, then steamed. Note a typical colorful kiping décor hanging on the left.
A representation of how kiping is made. “Kiping” is an edible rice wafer usually shaped into colorful leaves and used to make “araňas” or chandelier-shaped decorations that lend color to the Pahiyas Festival.
Love me, love my dog.
A heart-shaped pineapple. As locals would say: Buti pa ang pinya, may puso.
A bunch of red plantain bananas
Lucbanin artistry using palay and rice grains.
Pancit habhab, the iconic noodle dish of Lucban, is eaten the “habhab” way; i.e., directly from a banana leaf, without using a fork.
A quick shot

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