Weighing in on a slogan

If the new Department of Tourism tag line was so bad, I could have simply kept my mouth shut. Quite the contrary, I found it rife with creative potential. Truth is, I liked it instantly despite the bad press for the ‘copied’ and ‘unimaginative’ concept. I liked it even better when the DOT secretary parried all the negative feedback and made a firm stand on the matter. He knows whereof he speaks, so now I‘m on the pro-More Fun in the Philippines camp.

Now there are thousands of posts showing why it is, indeed, more fun in the Philippines. Creative. Funny. Self-mocking, at times. Some are outrageous. I wanted to join the fray, but how? My knowledge of Photoshop is pathetic, and I needed to download the required Harabara font type to come up with my own meme.

That’s when Facebook came to the rescue. A friend’s update led me to a site that promised the easiest way to create “More Fun” images. I only needed to upload my photos, add captions, and voila!

These first three photos were taken in Albay during the Magayon Festival two years ago.

The next three were taken in Atimonan, Gumaca, and Tayabas in Quezon province last May 2011.

Minutes after I did the ‘Time Travel’ photo, I found a material posted by another person using the same caption but on a different image. Did I feel ‘unoriginal’? Certainly not.  As the DOT says, there can be no copyright on the generic expression. Being transported back in time was exactly how I felt when I was viewing the awesome Malagonlong bridge in Tayabas, which took ten years to build starting in 1840. It’s my truth, therefore I own it.

The meme maker, however, does not always produce nice-looking results. In some cases, the caption gets washed out especially in photos with light backgrounds, like these ones taken in Catanduanes. But then again, that should not detract from the true beauty of the place.

Visit http://www.morefunmaker.com/ and have fun making your own images. No old travel pictures? It’s always a good time to take new ones. Travel money should not be an issue. Metro Manila, for example, is as fine place as any for a photo shoot. With the excitement stirred by the Bourne Legacy Hollywood venture in the country, nothing could keep anyone from posing in San Andres Market or in chaotic EDSA Pasay Rotonda and using  “Rachel Weisz was here” as the photo caption.  It’s all about attitude, after all.  The rosier it is, the better.

Travel around the Philippines if you can. Savor the moment, take pictures, write about your experience. Have fun, and don’t forget to tell the world about it.

7 thoughts on “Weighing in on a slogan

  1. i am definitely with you chit. ga para coromentar dai man mas mayad na suhestyon. saka i like so much the pictures you did! come to think of it. biglang na buhay uli love ko for camera. purba man daw ako and swarm them with the fun thing. ta ano pa man daw na iba? this is exactly the same idea we’ve been selling out before. same packaging; different name. saka ano man na iba ang piga hanap ning turista?

    1. it’s either jun or my son who takes pictures during our trips, then i just choose the best shots. they’re properly credited naman if my articles get published, he he… ay, iluwas na daw ang camerang an. kadacol na magayon na subjects dyan.

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