Flores de Mayo

It is hard to imagine summer without flowers. But with the inescapable reality that is climate change, heaven forbid the possibility. 😦 With nary a raindrop in April this year and mercury determinedly rising, what’s to stop someone from fearing that plants would shrink away and refuse to bloom.  Nature may be without reason these days, but it always delivers. Despite the fierce environ, the merry month of May is not to be deprived of its summer beauties.

I don’t have a garden, but that’s no excuse to miss out on the showy display of bougainvilleas or the fragrance of the sampaguita.  A short walk around my neighborhood allows me such pleasures, free and without much effort.  Colors explode from roadsides. They peek from hidden crannies. They line fences or branch out to form canopies. Sometimes I know them by name, at times I wish someone was there to make an introduction.

Hibiscus (local name: Gumamela)
Frangipani (local name: Kalachuchi)
Jasmine (local name: Sampaguita)
Bougainvillea or paper flower. Something wrong with this shot. Hubby said I forgot to turn off the flash. Learned something new today.

These ones will have to be without labels for now (until someone tells me what they are called):

I also saw a fire tree and an ylang ylang tree profuse with blooms. Sadly they were too tall for me. My point-and-shoot just couldn’t cope.

Flowers prove that there is justice in this world. The plain-looking and the less colorful ones  usually smell sweeter. Take for instance, dama de noche, a scented flower that blooms at night; and sampaguita, the national flower of the Philippines.

Today, I dare to versify. Before such gifts of nature, it would be unfair to not even try.

Dama de noche

sun sets darkness grows

your fragrant secret unfolds

maiden of the night







a queen robed in snow

before burning rays fearless

courage becomes her




For someone so prosaic, that wasn’t very easy. Perhaps I should stick to taking more discovery walks. And trying a different path each time.

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5 thoughts on “Flores de Mayo

  1. There are some ylangylang trees nearby where I stay. I will try to take some photographs of the flowers and send them to you. I never thought that there are ylangylang trees in the city. Actually, for the first time, this was the closest that I ever got with this tree.

    1. That would be great, Beyen! Actually if you just take time to look around, you’ll see more than just ylang ylang trees. What I haven’t seen in a long while are camia plants. It’s different when you see them blooming from the plant rather than threaded into garlands. I look forward to getting pictures of whatever you find during your photo shoot. 🙂

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