Homecoming: More fun in SGV

As the chosen theme for the 66th SGV Alumni Homecoming last July 11, the ‘more fun’ tag line fits like a glove. For many different reasons, it’s more fun being an SGVean, and so is making time once a year to reconnect with former colleagues. I have managed to attend the annual reunion without fail since 2009. I didn’t want to miss it this year.

Registration was a breeze because I had confirmed my attendance earlier. Unlike before, I find those ID stickers very useful now. They are great face-savers  when someone who looks familiar  comes up to me and says ‘kumusta?’ because now I know where to look and return the greeting complete with the person’s name. No tip-of-the-tongue moments that come with the advancing years.

While looking around to find my I/ACT group in the huge ballroom, I was also getting the lay of the land—checking out the photo murals, the new items at the SGV souvenir store, surveying the food on the buffet table and taking note of what to eat and what to avoid later.

One of the mural photos shows Johnny Zalamea and Didi Manarang, currently Bureau of Customs Deputy Commissioner.

A couple of rounds and I found them, or did they find me? Ann Gatmaytan, Fe Ferriols, Isa Rendon, Mitzi Villespin, Jo Cariaga were there early and secured a table that would be the I/ACT corner for the evening. After me came Mert and Fely Meriales, then Matess Bautista-Concepcion. When Frank Holz joined us, cameras did what they were supposed to do. Tess Escaler and Jan Campos arrived within minutes of each other and there were more calls for picture-picture.

No entertainers were invited that night, but with plenty of chika-chika and food to keep us busy, who needs other forms of entertainment? Matess had a copy of Mr. Sycip’s biographical book that she wanted signed. We took that as the cue to fall in line for our turn to meet and greet the man who was the reason we were having the homecoming.

Who did we bug to take our group pic with Mr. Sycip? No less than the CFO of Sun Life Financial, Benedict Sison, who came minus wifey Candy Jeturian-Sison. Mr. Rodolfo Jeturian stands third from right with his famous sunshiny smile.

I/ACT photos used with permission from Ann Gatmaytan

Sen. Manny Villar and BSP Governor Amando Tetangco also dropped by for a brief chat with the SGV founder.

Larcy Sta. Ana and Nadjie Abueg with Sen. Manny Villar (Photo from Nadjie’s FB album)
BSP Governor Tetangco and Mr. Wash Sycip
Too bad I missed seeing these ladies from my former group, CAG: Bella, Malou, Lou, Becky and Cindy. (Photo grabbed from Malou’s FB album)

Earlier  I spotted Mr. Sycip and Mr. Fred Velayo seated side by side, but I didn’t take my chance for a possible photo op with the ‘S’ and the ‘V’ in SGV & Co. Big mistake! Later, people had to queue for their chance to have their pictures taken with The Bosses, but by that time Mr. Velayo had left the ballroom.

I didn’t hustle for my one-on-one with Mr. Sycip that evening, but only because sometime last month I was in the soft launch of Frigga, a new fashion brand, where he was a special guest. We got to talk and I had a souvenir shot with him, which I’m posting here. Check where his right hand is. 😉

I’m one proud SGVean.


7 thoughts on “Homecoming: More fun in SGV

  1. Malou F. P.

    Thanks, Chit! You’ve said it all in just so many words! I’m proud to be an SGVean, and equally proud that once upon a time we had a chance to work together! Love you, Chit!

  2. Nadjie Veluz-Abueg

    Thank you for posting our picture with Senator Manny Villar! Like you, I am also proud to be an SGVean! It is such a wonderful blessing to have worked with a great company.

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