Frigga: A dose of good luck in your wardrobe

Are you a career professional working toward a promotion? A stressed-out soul in need of some energy boost? A business person who could use a breakthrough? Or simply someone who wants some excitement in the romance department? Have you tried most everything but still could not see signs of a rosy turnaround?

Perhaps it’s time for a fashion makeover.

It’s time for Frigga

A first-of-its-kind fashion brand that has been rolled out earlier in London and Tokyo will soon be launched in Manila by international feng shui consultant Marites Allen. Labeled Frigga after the Norse goddess of prophecy and destiny, the fashion brand incorporates feng shui principles into each design to attract positive energies into the wearer’s life. “It’s like affirming your personal desires through the clothes you wear, and aligning them with your surroundings, which is what feng shui is all about. It’s like using fashion as a charm,” Marites explains.

Frigga’s glossy lookbook gives a hint at the colorful and exciting possibilities. Dresses for ‘Love and Marriage’ include comfy-looking pieces in fire colors of red, pink, and purple. They are designed with  unique peony or mystic knot prints, which are auspicious symbols for successful relationships.

Floral top with peony prints to enhance romantic relationships

‘Wealth and Prosperity’ selections have tops and dresses put together in growth colors of green and blue and other powerful colors to attract income opportunities and personal abundance. These would be the ideal wear for those who are encountering cash flow problems and unexplained bad luck.

One-shouldered dress with mystic knot prints to attract prosperity luck

For ‘Good Health and Longevity,’ the suggested designs are done in soothing and nurturing earth tones and make use of auspicious symbols like the antahkarana.

Maxi dress with stylized antahkarana symbols to promote good health and longevity

Choices for those seeking recognition and career advancement are included in the ‘Fame and Popularity’ category. They include casual shirts in fire colors embellished with the powerful Ruyi icon to attract the proper energies that bring honor and prestige for those who seek them.

There are also appropriate wear to ‘Control Misfortune.’ The energies that cause misfortune may be controlled by wearing designs that use the 5-element pagoda, a powerful cure against negative chi. A related category of clothes to ‘Control Robbery’ takes care of dishonest and other cheaters in your life and protects you from possible burglary and accidents.

A long-sleeved blouse with ruffled detail uses the five-element pagoda symbol

Sometimes a specific year could bring obstacles to some people. Dog-born people, for example, are ‘conflict’ animals in the year of the Dragon. These luck-challenged people could use some help from their allies and friends, especially those who are enjoying their share of good luck during a given year.  Wearing casual wear from the ‘Allies and Friends’ selections helps counter the afflicted energies that bring about negative prospects and allows one to ‘borrow’ positive energies and auspiciousness from luckier people.

The inspiration for Frigga started almost five years ago when Marites would do her media rounds to promote her annual feng shui event in Manila. “I would be asked for suggestions on what to do, what to eat, and what to wear in preparation for the Chinese New Year,” she recalls. She would grace media  and social events aptly dressed and accessorized in true feng shui fashion. Sharing her expertise through fashion thus followed naturally. As Frigga’s brand ambassador, she leads a creative team tasked with churning out classic pieces to help loyal friends and followers in their pursuit of charmed lives.

Through the years of her feng shui practice, Marites has successfully mentored clients on how feng shui works in homes and offices. Through Frigga, she extends its application to the most intimate environment there is—the human body and the things we wear. “Just as feng shui is all about manipulating the environment to suit our aspirations, FRIGGA is all about knowing what to wear and why we should wear them. Whether it is dressing up to convince, to attract, or to appear in control, FRIGGA fulfills the need to be stylish and auspicious at the same time,” she says.

Backed by studies

As it turns out, the concept of power dressing and ‘the lucky dress’ has scientific basis. Recent studies on embodied or enclothed cognition have shown that what we wear affects our psychological processes or how we think. The symbolic meanings attached to our clothes can alter how we approach and interact with our surroundings. Frigga wearers may take this as a positive cue that by affirming our desires to the world through our clothes, we allow the cosmic energies to make them come true.

[For more details on Frigga, please call (639)-209509390.]

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