Hooray for Today, 2014

McDonalds did it again! As it has done so since 2012, the world’s largest food chain greets Philippine consumers with messages of positivity and hope on the first day of 2014.

I love it when they direct some ad spend to glorifying things that really matter, but which we often take for granted.

Two local broadsheets carry these full-spread ads:


Thank you for warmth

Thank you for the sunrise

Thank you for the quiet

Thank you for open spaces

Thank you for color

Thank you for the morning dew

Thank you for the shade

Hooray for today!


Thank you for this First Day

For the moment Darkness turns to Hope

For the promise to start again

And every minute we have is a Chance to turn everything around

Thank you for the break of day

My favorite song, for lighting my way, the world I belong

But most of all, thank you for the gift of today

To every brand new day

We say

Hooray for today!

Thank you, McDonalds, for reminding us that Happiness need not come with a price tag.

P.S. I knew they would have a new TV commercial to go with these print ads. Click here to view the TVC.

Stay a little longer in bed
Keep the covers over my head…
But a new day is calling
Morning is coming…

Thank you
For the break of day,
My favorite song,
For lighting my way,
The world I belong…

But most of all
Thank you for the gift of today.
I’ve got a brand new day.
And to that I say, hooray for today.

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