Children write the kindest things

Google photo (not from original article)
Google photo (not from original article)

“And what is it about children that they are able to empathize with fellow children and say words that come from deep inside?”  Ma. Ceres P. Doyo wonders in her column today at the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

This, after Ms. Doyo read some letters written by grade school pupils of a school in Hawaii. The touching letters were intended for the young survivors of typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.

Here are three of those notes:

“Dear Frinds in the Philippines I sorry that the storm came. If you are scade do these thigs mack you feel better. First you can put your hands to gether and think of something good to get the scary stuf away. Playing is a good thing to do becasye it is for being kind is good to get the scary stuf away. If you be kind bad things wont happen to you got to do three tips to get the scary sruf away. Aloha, Frank.”


“Dear Kids, I am so sad for what happened. You people did not deserv that. So again I feel awful and really, really bad… Also I have wanted to go to the Philipines since I was 6 years old and now I am 9 year’s old. Also I hope there is no more tifoons again. Also I am sorry that the tifoon caused people to get hurt and homes to get disored. The troulb of the tifone is on the news. It was a desitec that worry people is trying to help the people in the Philipines. Sincerely, Jazzlya.”


“Dear children fo the Philipines, we hope you find a way to find sheter. We also hope some one will bring you to Hawii because there are some abadone houses near by my antys hose. I closing I hope you will have a better life and recover with supplies from other countries. Aloha. Raylen, Makaha Elementary School.”

Someone happily put her blue pencil to rest today. With such innocent yet heartfelt expressions, grammar and spelling can go hang.

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