Let there be light

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(Source: http://africanprince.com/2013/10/let-there-be-light/)

Out of the blue, I was reminded of one scene at a supermarket a couple of years back. I was behind another customer, waiting to pay for my grocery items. That customer was wearing a nun’s habit. There was something in that moment that made me wish she just came from a costume party and didn’t have time to change frocks.

I wished I didn’t have to compare what we had in our shopping carts.

But I couldn’t help it.

After crossing out items in my shopping list, my cart was still aalog-alog (jiggly) because there was just enough there for my family of five. I had my usual stock of toiletries, munchies, condiments and other essentials good for a week. Everything within my close-fisted budget.

Mine looked pitiful, next to the sister’s haul. Her bigger cart (customers may choose from two available sizes) was overflowing with what looked like provisions meant for at least a month (though I justified that she might be shopping for a big group). It didn’t escape my attention, though, that she had bottles of expensive olive oil and imported brands of sardines, butter, snacks, among other top-quality stuff. Sister had good taste, and shopping money to match, clearly.

This scenario came up again today after I read a couple of articles about the alleged changing ways of a healing priest. You may click here to read one commentary.

There are certain things I wish weren’t true.

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