Fun with Thess and Toby


thess toby_nThess is Marites Allen, international feng shui master and the beautiful mind behind the innovative fashion brand, Frigga. Toby is Toby Meadows, Frigga London Director, British fashion business consultant and author of the best-selling book “How to Set up and Run a Fashion Label.”

The get-together at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City on May 29 was, as Marites emphasized, not a press conference, but an appreciation luncheon for media friends who have supported the launching of Frigga, a one-of-a-kind clothing line that seamlessly combines feng shui and fashion.

luxent hotel


frigga bags

As intended, there were no formal spiels that day. Marites herself went around and gave out classy Frigga jute bags containing her 2014 Lucky Fashion Guide and a Frigga shawl with auspicious mantra and horse print meant to attract good fortune in the Year of the Wood Horse.

I sat with Pilar Mateo and Aster Amoyo, two name-droppables in local entertainment media. Later, we were joined at the same table by the talented Ian Reyno of ABS-CBN, Toby Meadows, Marites and her gem of a husband, Nick Allen.


marites thanks guests
Marites thanks media friends for writing about Frigga and assures them of more exciting fashion innovations.
Marites shows Pilar Mateo and Aster Amoyo how the new Marites Allen mobile app works. It allows subscribers to access information such as lucky dates/hours for important life events, lucky directions, and suitable/unsuitable activities for each day.

?????????????????Toby Meadows talked about what he does for Frigga. The Frigga London Director walked the audience through the making of the auspicious fashion brand, which he likened to an exciting journey, rather than a destination.  In his particularly smooth style, he discussed the merits of Frigga and how the Frigga team envisions to take advantage of fast-changing market trends and pitch the brand to the global market.  If one finds it easy to be charmed by Toby, it’s because he himself is charmed by the concept of Frigga. His dashing good looks also help, of course :-). Oh, but it needs to be said: the shabby chic Mr. Meadows is married to award-winning designer Alice Shreeve, who is also in the Frigga creative team.

Overall, a light and breezy gathering among friends made special by the superb food and venue, thanks to Luxent Hotel. Nice meeting up with Grace Foronda and Jaye Bautista, who are such masters at putting together similar events.

Check out more exciting news about auspicious fashion at the official Frigga website (


[Photos used with permission from the Facebook page Frigga Charmed Life by Marites Allen]

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