Frigga Charmed Life, Behind the Scenes

The model in the behind-the-scenes video moves about so smoothly, masking the painstaking work it takes to come up with the innovative fashion brand named Frigga Charmed Life.

Chic and cool designs in woodsy green, metallic gold and silver, earthy brown, fiery red, and icy blue—along with excellently crafted accessories—all these are meant to attract prosperity and all forms of positive energies for the wearer. This is the unique fashion proposition espoused by Frigga Charmed Life, a novel concept hatched by the creative mind of international feng shui master Marites Allen. It is the realization of a dream that combines two things that Marites loves the most—fashion and feng shui.

Marites recalls that the opportunity was just waiting to be tapped all throughout her over a decade of experience practicing feng shui.   “I was often asked to recommend lucky clothes to wear on special occasions, especially during the Chinese New Year. People ask me for lucky colors, what to wear to pass exams, to attract love, to be in good health, and so on. That made me realize that there’s that demand from our existing clients that I can satisfy by combining fashion and feng shui, and that’s how Frigga was born.”

Already certified in several feng shui disciplines, Marites found a compelling reason to attend and complete various fashion courses at the prestigious London College of Fashion. At the same time she was putting together a group to help her apply the proper feng shui principles to proper form.  The powerhouse team now includes Creative Director Hannah Coniam, Business Consultant Toby Meadows, Fashion Designer Alice Shreeve, and Creative Consultant Rupert Shreeve. Using feng shui indications meticulously prepared by Marites for each Chinese zodiac animal sign, they make their own interpretation of the readings combined with the latest European fashion trends.

Combining creativity with the requirements set by the feng shui principles is not exactly an easy task. The color combinations alone can pose a challenge because colors represent certain elements that could be constructive or destructive. Incorporating stylized luck symbols on fabrics is done very subtly. Even basic shapes like circles, squares, or triangles have specific significance. Thus, “every design carries a distinctive fashion DNA, making Frigga the first of its kind. It combines colors and prints, which are symbolic of various feng shui elements, to help attract auspicious energies and enhance the chances for better health, wealth, career, and relationships,” Marites adds.

The team is now preparing Frigga’s latest collection in time for the opening of the first Frigga Charmed Life boutique at SM Mall of Asia this November. It will feature the colors that will dominate the 2015 fashion palette for the Year of the Wood Sheep.

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