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It is a lexical dark matter, not yet found in the dictionary, but not for long. “APPefize”  is a word that shines on its own light, and it’s easy to see why.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA In a media event held at Gloria Maris in Greenhills last November 20,  Russell Tomas, Founder and CEO of APPefize, explained that the verb form means “to turn something into an app.” An offshoot of DreamLords Digital, a software and game development company, APPefize specializes in apps development. It is the company’s newest form of delivering content to the HUGE global community of mobile device users, a steadily growing market stimulated by smartphones, social media, and augmented reality. Fourteen countries, including the Philippines, account for more than 61 percent of the world’s total mobile subscriptions estimated at 6,587.4 million. (Source:

So who needs APPefize?

Companies and individuals who need to push content that may be beneficial to the consumer, and modern-day marketers who want a chunk of the massive income source are the primary beneficiaries. All official content about the subject of an app will be aggregated into one place allowing easy access to it by followers and target consumers. The developed apps will then be made available in different platforms: iOS iPhone, iPad), Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 Mobile, and others.

Among the first to jump into the apps wagon is international feng shui master Marites Allen. Her personal app contains useful information to help feng shui aficionados go about their daily activities with confidence. The Marites Allen Feng Shui Planner provides indications for lucky and unlucky hours, activities, directions for the day, annual and monthly forecasts, among others. It also has links to her different social media accounts and to her Frigga website, the go-to site for luck-enhancing fashion.

mcba Collage

Celebrities present in the media event shared what their followers could expect in their personal apps, revealing their various interests outside of the limelight.

Regine Tolentino is not only a dancer/performer/fitness celebrity; she also has beauty and various tips for moms, being a successful mompreneur herself. She operates a boutique where she showcases her own fashion line.
Janice Ilagan and Japoy Lizardo, sports personalities, will have regular updates on their taekwondo activities. Both multi-awarded in their chosen field, they are being followed by young sports enthusiasts. Japoy is also into acting, singing, hosting, and commercial modeling
Tessa Prieto-Valdes is set to show many facets of her personality aside from the fashion icon that she is to most people. Tessa writes regular columns in different publications, practices interior design, and is a tireless fundraiser for many worthwhile causes.
Jim Paredes, a classic Renaissance man, is primarily known as a music artist, and there’ll be that side of him, for sure, in his app. Followers will get to know him more as a photographer, writer, teacher, and social advocate, among others. Beside him is multi-genre singer Jay R, who promises to share with his fans not only his music, but also his digital journals and links to his different websites.

Many popular personalities are following suit with their own personal apps.

other celebrities

The APPefize team quickly clarifies that it’s not just about celebrities, and that it’s even more important that an individual or a company has good potentials to attract followers. The need to reach a wide audience cuts across different industries and pursuits. The company has previously partnered with the government, for instance, to help generate tourism revenues through an app that helps users navigate to different destinations in the country. It has done projects for the National Power Corporation, too.

APPefize, they conclude, not only creates apps. It also provides value-added services to help content providers MAXIMIZE and MONETIZE their investments.

group pic
APPefize team members with some of the celebrities present at the media event

[For inquiries regarding this content-on-demand service, please call Russell Tomas at 0917-8107866 ( or Jaye Bautista, Marketing Director, at 0916-3301332 (]

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