Living the American Dream

book coverIn her first published book, Carolina Esguerra Colborn chronicles over four years’ worth of travel with her husband, Bill, throughout the United States, and parts of Canada and Mexico. Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream is a travel book, a fitting ode to the RV lifestyle – a lifestyle that few people dare to lead, and a pipe dream for many Americans.

Friends will remember Carol as the high-flying Filipina executive who held top posts in the Philippine business and academic scene before she relocated to the Land of Uncle Sam. She was President/CEO of BayanTrade, Managing Director of SAP Philippines, Deputy Commissioner of the BIR, General Manager of MegaLink, Vice-President of DAP, and was once a Senior Project Manager of Andersen Consulting and Marketing Manager of the Institute of Advanced Computer Technology.

Her new calling card now reads: Carolina Esguerra Colborn. Wanderer. Writer. Wife.  

Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream is also a telling of the author’s inner journey. While vicariously navigating from one fascinating place to another, picking up interesting facts about America’s noble past and exciting prospects, readers get a glimpse of how the Colborns transitioned from the driven life to the more laid-back RVing mode. The subplot involving the ups and downs of an interracial marriage seamlessly weaves itself into the chapters and makes this a travel book like no other.

“The American Dream” has always been regarded in light of materialistic ideals. Fame and fortune as payback for hard work. America as a place of bountiful opportunities. In Carolina: Cruising, the author presents yet other facets of that dream that she, herself, achieved —  finding a fulfilling and loving relationship in this country and embracing American values without cutting her Filipino roots.

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“You must give everything to make your life

as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”

― Roman Payne

One thought on “Living the American Dream

  1. carolcolborn

    Thanks Chit, for taking the journey with me. As usual, a well-written article. You should have written my back cover copy!

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