Marites Allen dares friends: Take the challenge, cut it short

International feng shui master Marites Allen recently pulled a daring act that has put her in the good company of celebrities Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Lawrence, and Katie Holmes, among others.

short hair pics

Like these women known for their ravishing looks, Marites has opted to cut off her long tresses and now sports a shorter hairstyle. But before others could even assume a life crisis is behind her decision to have a make-over, the feng shui maven laughs off the thought: “I’ll be the first to counter that a woman who decides to cut her hair must be undergoing some sort of a life issue. That’s complete nonsense!” She adds that in her case, her decision to change hairstyles came spontaneously. “I just got tired of wearing the same look for the past 26 years, so I felt the long curls had to go.” She chose May 6, 2015 to do it as her Feng Shui Planner shows that day to be auspicious for cutting one’s hair.

marites allen in her new look

Reactions to her new do came thick and fast. Hundreds of messages from friends and feng shui followers complimented her on her new look. Of course, Marites was most flattered by the one that came from husband Nick who said she looked “absolutely stunning and sexier!” The auspicious choice of date seemed to work as the following day, she was in a number of business meetings that brought promising prospects.

Marites excitedly mentions other advantages of short hair. “I have not experienced having quick showers until now!” She then proceeds to compute how much she saves on haircare products. The time she used to spend grooming her hair now goes to more time sleeping and resting, she adds. “And can you imagine the amount of water I save over some time because of this low-maintenance hairstyle?” In a word, she describes her decision to cut her long hair as absolutely “liberating.”

Without skipping a beat, she urges other women to go for the same experience she just had. She goes on to dare her friends who have been sporting shoulder-length hairstyles to follow her lead.

Would Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez, style icon Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and award-winning actress Jennylyn Mercado take up her challenge?

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