Rated “C”


Her name is Lorena—a derivation of the Latin word “lora” or laurel tree, which symbolizes honor and victory. People with this name are believed to be idealistic and highly imaginative. They find expression in creative pursuits and are usually musically inclined. They tend to inspire others because of their genuine love for people.

Since our paths crossed last year, she has never ceased to amaze me with her positivity, unwavering faith, and infectious sense of humor.

This is her story, in her own words:

Cancer is an emotionally and financially crippling disease that makes everyone inflicted with it suffer. Being stricken twice by cancer made me miserable. On June 2013, I was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma, Grade 2. My ONCO-gyne advised me to undergo cobalt radiation and 4 cycles of low dose chemotherapy. I had total hysterectomy operation on October 18, 2013. Biopsy result showed I have endometrial cancer stage 4 b. I was then advised to have 6 cycle high dose chemotherapy, radiation and brachytherapy which lasted until Aug. 2014.

For one year and 10 months, I was declared “cancer survivor” and I religiously submitted to follow up check-ups. As a way of thanking God I, with the help of relatives and friends, organized a group “ Adopt A Cap” to help my fellow cancer patients. We provided caps for their bald heads which was a result of chemotherapy. The project continued to grow because more friends and relatives donated cash and chemo drugs for cancer patients who needed chemo drugs and cannot afford them.

Early September, 2015, I underwent regular CA125 test and the result indicated it was 43 points higher than the normal range of 0-35. I saw my ONCO and I was advised to get series of tests, such as Ultra sound and transvaginal. It was found out that there were 2 lumps with sizes 5cm and 2cm. Furthermore a CT Scan was advised. After 3 sessions of chemotherapy worth 55,000 per session, I underwent another CA 125 test. The result indicated it was 160 points higher than the last test in the month of September. From 2 lumps they became 3 lumps and the first two increased in sizes. There was tumor progression.

On JANUARY 2016 my gyne oncologist decided to have another set of CHEMOTHERAPY worth 155,000 pesos per session. This is a Combination of GEMCITABINE AND AVASTIN CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS. I am on my 22nd round of CHEMOTHERAPY as to date. I still need 9 sessions (3cycles). Fighting cancer for the second time is hard. My relatives and friend thought of organizing a fundraising to finance the costs of this new set of CHEMOTHERAPY. We came up with “I CAN SURVIVE TSHIRT FOR A CAUSE”.

The “I CAN SURVIVE TSHIRT FOR A CAUSE” WILL COST P350 each available sizes are small, medium, large and XL. You can request for reservation by sending a message on this thread or sending a private message to me. Payments can be deposited to my savings account. Account details are as follows: Ma. Lorena David, BPI Account No.: 8179 0732 19

Anyone can also support the cause through donations and deposit using the bank details above. Hoping for all your support. Thank you very much and May God shower you all with more blessings.


My friend Lorena is a beautiful woman—hair or no hair.

lorena collage


Through trying times she has kept her faith and gets by with a lot of  help from friends and supporters.

Here in a playful mood with other patients, she says “Boo to cancer!”
One of her Facebook posts


She deserves lots of brownie points, too, for her resourcefulness and determination in raising the funds needed for her treatment. It’s not unusual for her Facebook page to show photos of sundry goods—food items, t-shirts, perfumes, gadgets, among others— that she sells to help finance her chemotherapy needs. Her medical outgo, which reaches up to Ps108K a pop, is clearly not for the faint-hearted.

goods collage


With Lorena, the expression “the big C” takes on a different meaning from what others associate it with. In her case, and in many others who are in the same challenging journey she is in, the big C more aptly stands for Compassion and Courage.

13 thoughts on “Rated “C”

  1. Loren

    Thank you for this maam chit its highly appreciated maam i love you and thank for believing in me…im crying now…because someone like you will appreciate me for who iam…minsan mahirap na sobrang hirap but i have no choice just to stay positive and fight for this battle and i know time will come i will be free again…kaya RAKET PA MORE MAAM HA HA…GOD BLESS YOU MWAHUGS

  2. Thank you madam CHIT for writing an article about LORENA’ s happy battle. She will fight not only to overcome the big ‘C’ but to inspire other individuals who are continue to battle the same fight.

  3. Ems Nono

    wow! this is really inspiring.. it is so overwhelming to see people are supporting Loren as she fights this big battle.. Ren, Enang, Sis, I am honored to know a friend as you.. You inspire me, & you have made me do good to other people too.. having to know you made me a bit of a better person (I atleast think so..lol ) & made me appreciate more of myself too.. may God Bless you more Sissie.. you are indeed lucky to be loved by so many..

  4. gie dizon

    With Loren I believe that Stage 4 cancer still has hopes! With her prayers warriors around and people around her who believes that she will be well soon again. God has still purpose for her! Thank you Mam for believing in her as we do believe in her. A fighter a strong woman indeed. Fight our Lorena God is our companion in your battle!

  5. gie dizon

    With this inspiring blog. I still believe that there is hope in Stage 4b. With the Courage and strong will of Lorena I believe that she will be well AGAIN. God is her companion and with so many prayer warriors around in her battle. Lorena worth fighting for. I know God has a purpose on her. We will fight till there is no END. God be with US!

  6. Virginia Dizon*

    Courage and strong will that makes Lorena an inspiration who are battling cancer. I still believe that there is HOPE for stage 4b cancer. GOD is her companion and her many prayers warriors around. We will fight till you are well AGAIN. I know God has a purpose on you. Thank you for the blog maam Chit. Thank you for believing on our Lorena.

  7. Hi Ma’am thank you for the effort of writing a blog for my cousin. This is a very big help because the more people who will be able to read this, the more help she could get. I also hope that those who will be able to read this will also offer some prayers for her complete healing. She is also an inspiration to us because of her unwavering faith and endless hope. Her positivity is contagious and her selflessness so evident. This will also serve as an inspiration to other people. Her story makes us believe in true love and genuine compassion and that there is still hope inspite of the darkness that envelopes us in the present. We will all fight the big C till the end. And we will not stop praying until God bless her with longer years to be with her family, friends and all the people who know her.

    1. I am humbled by your beautiful sharing, earthangel. You are good with words and I’m sure you know that given an inspiring story, writing comes with no effort at all. Let’s all continue to hope and pray for God’s mercy and blessings not only for Lorena but also for others who are undergoing similar challenges.

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