How to be lucky in love and career in 2019

You have reached a crossroads and must choose: Would you rather be happy in love, or enjoy a successful career in the Year of the Earth Boar?

If, after much thought, you have decided to prioritize your career over your romantic interest in 2019, don’t entertain doubts and go right through it. Choosing to focus on your career will have its rewards. It will help you be self-sufficient and lead the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

There is nothing wrong in choosing to go after your own interest over somebody else’s for now. Think of it as an investment in being the person that you’ve always wanted to be and gain success in your chosen field.

If you decide to take this path, consider getting some feng shui help. Take it from international feng shui master Marites Allen: These suggested charms and enhancers will do no harm and may even increase your chances of manifesting success in your decision.

On the other hand, if you would rather take the route towards a more serious relationship, then don’t fret. If you feel sincerely that this is the choice more meaningful to you, do whatever it takes to make sure that you won’t regret taking this option.

Again, put feng shui into the picture and enhance your chances of having a loving and harmonious relationship with your partner.

Of course, the ideal situation is to have both aspirations met without compromising one or the other. And feng shui, being the art and science of creating balance in our lives, comes as a source of relief when one is faced with tough choices. It takes a good understanding of how the energies around us work, and how they can be harmonized to attract good fortune, and avoid – or at least diminish – unfavorable influences.

Feng shui master Marites Allen, who is also the President and CEO of Frigga Charmed Life (a fashion brand rooted in the concept of prosperity and luck)  sees 2019, the Year of the Earth Boar, as a year of Balance, Opportunities, Abundance, and Rewards. And yes – Marites stresses – these types of luck can be enhanced to achieve fulfillment in BOTH love AND career.

Connect with Marites Allen at or follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (Marites Allen). Visit your nearest Frigga Shop or call SM Megamall (4707661); Glorietta IV (8188858); SM Mall of Asia (09224241219); SM City North Edsa (7360512); SM Seaside Cebu (032-3432062) or shop online at

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