Christmas in Paradise, Part 3


Nightlife in Boracay won’t be complete without fire dancers. Combining dance moves and fire twirling requires long training and seamless execution. While highly fascinating to spectators, it can also be dangerous. The expression ‘playing with fire’ reminds us not to mess around with something really dangerous, as we could get burned.

Fire dancing has an interesting history that traces its origin to the Polynesians who used the practice as a tribal wartime ritual.  Swinging the poi or “ball on a string” developed wrist strength and flexibility needed in handling weapons. As it spread to different parts of the world, fire dancing was used for other purposes, including storytelling, festive celebrations, art, and even healing.  

Fire symbolizes many things to different people and cultures. On one end it represents passion, creativity, and desire; on the other end it stands for consuming heat and destruction. In the spiritual aspect, fire is used to symbolize hope, rebirth, and infinity as in “eternal flame.”

Whatever stage of life we are in, passion and compassion should never leave us. But just like the fire that glows brightest at night, it is in those darkest moments (and yes, our senior years) that we need to keep our inner fire burning.

Let’s seek what lights our fire. And whatever it is, may it be with the intent to make not just our own lives, but also those of others, better. Let’s be with those who fan our flames. Let’s feed our passion and remember to share our creative gifts with others.

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