How to Make the Earth Dog Your Best Friend

In her 13th Annual Feng Shui Convention to help prepare for the Year of the Earth Dog, international feng shui master Marites Allen shared a very interesting peculiarity about the 2018 Flying Star Chart. For those who are new to the practice of feng shui, the Flying Stars School is a popular discipline that charts the locations of the lucky and unlucky energies or cosmic elements. These energies change directions every year, month, day, and even every hour. The chart is used to determine which sectors of houses, offices, and other structures should be enhanced for good fortune, and which ones should be cured or corrected to counter the negative energies.

Annual Feng Shui Chart 2018-01Ms. Allen said that in 2018, the numbers in the chart follow a unique alignment. The top numbers when added from left to right: 8 + 4 + 6= 18; when reduced to a single digit, 1 + 8 = 9.  The middle numbers 7, 9, and 2 add up to 18; again, reduced to a single digit = 9. The bottom numbers 3, 5, and 1 when added produce 9. The same thing happens when the numbers are added from top to bottom and even diagonally.

So what is so special about the number 9? In feng shui, 9 represents the Prosperity Star. In Chinese, the pronunciation of this number has the same meaning as longevity and eternity. It is the number associated with the Emperor of China, whose robes are always embellished with nine dragons. The resulting 9-configuration of the annual Flying Star chart is something that only happens once in nine years and can be interpreted as something that brings positive indications.

Ms. Allen shares specific suggestions on how to maximize the positive luck potential of the auspicious energies and protect us from the effects of the afflicted stars in her 2018 horoscope books, almanac, and planner available at all Frigga Charmed Life shops and National Bookstores. These must-have references are also available online at and and

Alternatively, here are nine general suggestions to get things right and attract good fortune in the Year of the Earth Dog.

1. Know your correct Chinese zodiac sign.

Especially for those born in January or February, it is important that you get this detail right. For example, someone born on 22 January 1993 is a Monkey; while someone born a day later on 23 January 1993 takes the Rooster sign. The Chinese zodiac follows the lunar calendar, not the Gregorian or Western calendar. The first day of the lunar calendar starts somewhere between January 20th and February 20th. Visit, choose your year of birth on top of the page, and click “Shop your Sign” to know your zodiac sign.

2. Get a copy of your personal birth chart.

So you know your animal sign. The next thing you’ll probably do is read up on the forecasts for that zodiac sign from books and the Internet. But did you know that your personal birth chart—because it requires very specific details like year, month, date, down to the hour of your birth—can reveal much more precise indications about your life prospects? Your birth chart will reveal valuable information that will help you understand why things happen the way they do in your life, your significant time periods, what colors and accessories will be lucky for you, and how you can harmonize the different feng shui elements to see improvements in your life, among others. Your feng shui consultant should be able to help you get your personal destiny chart.


3. Understand the Annual Four Pillars Chart.

If you have your personal destiny chart, you can compare it with the Destiny Chart or Four Pillars Chart of the year. You will then see if the elements of the year are in your favor or not. It will now be easier for you to determine which types of feng shui interventions you need to achieve a harmonious environment by boosting the good energies and ‘curing’ the troublesome ones.

paht chee chart v2-01

4. Mind the lucky and unlucky sectors of your home or office.

Every year, nine Flying Stars representing good and bad energies fly into different sectors of your home and office. For 2018, the auspicious energies are located in the Southeast (Wealth Star 8), South (Romance and Travel Star 4), Southwest (Windfall Star 6), Center (Multiplying Star 9), and Northwest (Victory Star 1).

The afflicted energies have flown to the East (Robbery/Violence Star 7), West (Illness Star 2), Northeast (Argument Star 3), and the North (Misfortune Star 5). Ms. Allen stresses that it is just as important to suppress the malevolent energies with suggested feng shui cures as it is to boost the positive ones with charms and enhancers. For suggestions, please call 0920 9509390.

5. Know your zodiac allies and friends.

During a year when luck prospects are not very favorable to a specific birth sign, seeking the support of luckier zodiac allies and friends could offer some help. It may entail displaying or wearing their symbol or representation, which is equal to “borrowing” good luck from them during tough times. By virtue of their friendly affiliations with the Dog, those born in the years of the Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse can look forward to positive energies in 2018. Dragon, which is the conflict animal of the Dog, may face some rough times ahead.

Click here  or watch the video to know more about your astrological allies.


6. Plan your activities around your lucky days and hours.

Is this possible at all? Feng shui says it is, definitely!  Choosing an auspicious wedding date, for example, takes tedious computations, but Ms. Allen has made it easier by putting together those lucky and unlucky days to schedule important activities in her 2018 Almanac and Feng Shui Planner. Add them to your must-have feng shui references each year to help you choose proper dates for starting businesses, travels, medical procedures, haircuts, etc.

daily schedule


7. Know your lucky directions.

Each one of us has lucky and unlucky directions. These directions indicate the quality of energy that is most beneficial for us. We can use this information in many ways, including determining our head facing direction when we sleep, or which direction to face during important meetings or negotiations. Check out your 2018 Feng Shui Almanac to know your auspicious directions.

8.  Wear auspicious clothes and accessories.

Feng shui uses shapes, colors, symbols, and elements to seek harmony and balance in life, so it lends itself naturally to fashion. Wearing feng shui-inspired clothing is the most personal and intimate way of attracting good fortune, projecting our aspirations, and hoping for their fulfillment. This is the basic tenet behind Frigga Charmed Life, a fashion brand started by Ms. Allen in 2012. Visit to learn more about lucky fashion.

must haves


9. Lastly, use feng shui with the purest of intentions.

Feng shui  practice is more than just wearing charms or placing cures and enhancers where they may best attract good energies or deflect bad ones. Foremost, it is about setting your goals with the objective of seeking improvements not just in your life but in others as well. Having said this, believe in your heart that feng shui works and could make a difference in your life. But always remember the saying: “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”



How to attract good fortune with the 2017 Feng Shui Almanac

2017 Almanac cover.jpg

A fairly open secret among feng shui practitioners all over the world is the use of the Chinese almanac to ensure smooth progress of important undertakings. Credible masters all over the world use this guide, also known as Tong Shu almanac, to advise people on good or bad days to launch personal or business events. This planning tool goes back thousands of years in history and has been referred to for choosing auspicious dates and to know one’s luck forecast for any given day.

The Chinese system of measuring the passage of time involves the movements of the moon and the seasons of the sun, and as such it entails tedious calculations. Fortunately, for many feng shui followers in the Philippines and other parts of the world, a highly user-friendly version of the almanac has been available for the past decade or so. Credits go to international feng shui master Marites Allen for coming up with annual updates of her feng shui almanac. Ms. Allen has announced that her 2017 Feng Shui Almanac for the Year of the Fire Rooster is now available in all Frigga Charmed Life shops and online at and

The fully illustrated 2017 almanac has been carefully put together to help users boost their luck potential for a very exciting albeit challenging Year of the Rooster. It contains many practical feng shui tips and valuable information which, altogether, make the almanac an indispensable desktop reference.

Some ways you can benefit by using the 2017 almanac:


Get updated on your monthly destiny forecast based on the Monthly Flying Stars indications. This monthly guide to lucky and unlucky sectors of the home and office will help you decide which areas to enhance or cure to optimize good luck or keep negative energies in check.

12 duty officers.jpg

Learn to use the 12 Duty Officers method in planning your activities. Choosing the right day for your important activities yields significant benefits. For example, you may choose an “Establish” day to start a business, seek medical treatment, start construction work, and so on. A “Remove” day is good for letting go of something, like unwanted merchandise or ending relationships to remove bad karma.  Know the other 10 classifications of Duty Officers to help you choose ideal days for signing contracts, launching new products, engagements or weddings, cutting hair, and many more.


Know if a specific day is ruled by your own animal sign or by your conflict animal sign. Accordingly, activities scheduled on your animal sign day have a good chance at success, while those set on your conflict animal sign days may turn out to be inauspicious.

hours of the day.jpg

Be guided by the star colors of different hours. Aside from luck indications for the day, you can more specifically choose lucky hours to schedule your activities. Green stars on a designated hour means good luck, but black stars signify unlucky hours.

moon phases.jpg

Mind your moon phases. The Almanac indicates the waxing or waning cycles of the moon. Waxing is the phase when the moon’s size is increasing from new moon to a full moon. Waning is the phase when it decreases after a full moon and is always illuminated on the left. Activities started during the waxing phase have a higher dose of auspiciousness than when they are planned during the waning phase.

Copies of the 2017 Feng Shui Almanac, along with the 2017 Feng Shui Planner and the horoscope books for the Year of the Fire Rooster – all authored by Ms. Marites Allen – will be available at the 12th Annual Convention for the Year of the Fire Rooster on December 4, 2016 at the Marco Polo Hotel. Aptly titled “Make New Beginnings,” the convention will feature important personal and business forecasts for 2017 and many new luck enhancers to help feng shui aficionados make auspicious beginnings for the Year of the Fire Rooster.

After the convention, you may visit any Frigga Charmed Life shop in Metro Manila and Cebu or call  0920 9509390 / 8188858 / 4420113 to get a copy of the 2017 Feng Shui Almanac, Planner, and horoscope books.

11 ways to attract good luck in the Year of the Fire Monkey


The Marites Allen Annual Feng Shui Convention is a veritable source of auspicious ideas to navigate through each Chinese New Year with confidence. First held in 2006, The 11th  staging of the event was held last Sunday, January 3 at The Marco Polo Hotel to usher in the Year of the Fire Monkey, which starts on February 8, 2016.

Here’s a mix of tested and innovative ways gleaned from the event on how to attract good fortune. Eleven represents the number of years that Marites — the first Filipina feng shui master accredited to date by the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) — has been sharing prosperity tips to avid feng shui followers.


The Annual Feng Shui Chart 2016: Numbers 1, 6, 8, 9, and 4 represent the lucky sectors that must be activated with the proper enhancers. Numbers 2, 5, 7, and 3 are the unlucky sectors that must be weakened by suggested cures.

  1. Know the good and bad sectors for the year. Each year, the so-called Flying Stars or energies fly into different directions bringing lucky and unlucky prospects wherever they have landed. It helps to determine those locations and to place the appropriate enhancers to boost good energies. It is just as important to install the recommended cures to deflect the negative ones.

2. Understand the five feng shui elements. Many are familiar with those five elements—Water, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Fire. A better understanding of how they relate with each other and knowing that each element represents specific sectors and colors may increase one’s chances of enjoying better feng shui.


3.  Look good in auspicious clothes. Depending on your aspirations, a unique brand of fashionable wear can help you achieve your specific goals. The recent collaboration between Frigga Charmed Life and award-winning designer Frederick Peralta has produced a classic and comfy fashion collection that is empowering and luck-enhancing at the same time. Check out for the exciting combinations of colors, prints, and designs meant to create better opportunities for you.

Photo # 3.jpg

The combination of lush florals and the auspicious coin symbol in this Frederick Peralta creation for Frigga helps attract money luck.


4. Complete your lucky look with the right accessories. Attract good prospects and be protected from afflicted energies using scarves, hankies, wallets, bags, belts and jewelry designed with auspicious symbols.

Photo # 4

Frigga Charmed Life accessories for men and women


Photo # 5

This mystic knot-inspired throw pillow is just one of many Frigga Home Accessories designed to attract positive energies.


5.  Furnish your home with unique, luck-enhancing decors. If you find some feng shui charms too Chinesey, you will love the new line of very functional and stylish Frigga home accessories. The limited-edition displays include auspicious throw pillows, decorative mirrors, paintings, mantra stickers, and other out-of-the-box ideas.



6. Spray on some Frigga scents. Yes, now you can also smell lucky. The available sets of eau de toilette, room fragrances and fragrance diffusers will help enhance Prosperity, Love, Beauty, Harmony, Longevity, Happiness, Wealth and Good Fortune.


Photo # 6

Get a whiff of good luck with these Frigga scents.


7.  Carry luck with you when you travel. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, use these colorful luggage tags to help you identify your bags easily. They are designed with different luck symbols to protect you on your trips.

luggage tags

Snap on these Frigga luggage tags for safe and productive travel.


season friends 8.  Know your allies and friends. Destiny is not always kind, and if you’re not blessed with positive energies on a specific year, you may “borrow” good luck from your astrological allies. They will help you survive a bad period. Aside from your Affinity Triangle, there is another grouping called the “seasonal combinations” that could prove helpful.

9. Equip yourself with handy feng shui references. Make sure you have your 2016 Feng Shui Almanac and Feng Shui Planner to guide you in choosing lucky days and hours for important activities. Your personal horoscope book provides helpful indications in many aspects of your life, including wealth, career, romance, and health. It also has valuable suggestions every month on what enhancers to place in specific sectors of the home and recommended fashion wear to attract positive energies.


These horoscope books, almanacs, and planners are must-haves for the Year of the Monkey.


10.  Have your destiny chart plotted. This is the way to go if you want a truly personalized reading based on your birth date and hour, which sets you apart from others who may be born under the same animal sign. It uses the Four Pillars Chart of destiny forecasting that includes all elements at play for you as a unique individual. Please call 0920-9509390   for personal consultations.

11.  Be the reason for others to feel lucky. This suggestion works all the time and never loses its charm. The universe keeps score and the things we do have a way of coming back to us in unexpected ways. Do good to others every chance you can, and let karma work wonders in your life.

Have a prosperous and worry-free year of the Fire Monkey, everyone!

[Photos provided by Frigga Charmed Life]

What’s in store for you in the Year of the Monkey?


(As published in The Philippine Star, December 14, 2015 page F-3)

Starting 8 February 2016 until 27 January 2017, the Fire Monkey will take over the Wood Sheep as the ruling animal of the Chinese zodiac. For feng shui followers, the changing of the lunar year brings different opportunities and certain challenges for each animal sign. Understandably, many people look forward to the luck forecasts for their respective birth signs as they go through another year.

International feng shui master Marites Allen gave a briefing on the luck indications for each of the zodiac signs in a media conference last Monday, December 7, 2016 at the Marco Polo Hotel. Although she said that not all animal signs are lucky during their own year, the Monkey year is very fortunate for all Monkey-born people. The Rat, Dragon, and Snake, who are all zodiac allies of the Monkey, may share the same good fortune. The Tiger, who is the conflict animal of the Monkey, may have difficulties next year, according to Marites.


The Marites Allen horoscope books for 2016 (Year of the Fire Monkey)

To guide everyone in maximizing the positive energies and deflecting the negative ones indicated in each animal chart, Marites has written 12 horoscope books for 2016. “It took long, exhausting hours to come up with those books. It was a production nightmare, but it had to be done,” says Marites. There is just so much opportunity next year that people need to know about, she added. Monkey is the ninth sign in Chinese astrology, and the number “9” symbolizes ambition, adventure, and smartness.

She shared a sneak preview into the luck readings for each astrological sign:

  • RAT: Very encouraging personal luck and very strong vitality levels.
  • OX: Certain forces in your chart will test your motivation and resolve.
  • TIGER: Inner vitality may be weak, but there is sufficient levels of success.
  • RABBIT: Auspicious stars indicate exciting events in your life.
  • DRAGON: So many positive indications; It is almost unbelievable!
  • SNAKE: The presence of your astrological allies in this year’s chart has positive indications for you.
  • HORSE: Your confidence will get a boost, filling everything you get involved in with positivity.
  • SHEEP: Opportunities will come thick and fast. Grab them fast because they might not last long.
  • MONKEY: Fabulous luck brings potential wealth and abundance in everything you do.
  • ROOSTER: Average prospects; still, you have a lot to look forward to this year.
  • DOG: Auspiciousness comes from your allies who could wield important influence on your life this year.
  • BOAR: Excellent elements spell an incredibly lucky year for you.

Each book provides monthly readings for one’s career, business, health, and relationships. There are also feng shui suggestions for the home, auspicious fashion and accessories, guide to the lucky and unlucky house orientations for each month, and many more useful tips.

The books are now available for pre-ordering for shipping on December 20, 2015. Please call 0920-9509390, 5560615, 4429113 or 8188858; or order online at

Frederick Peralta designs for Frigga Charmed Life


FRIGGA Charmed Life, a unique fashion brand that merges trendy designs with feng shui enhancements, has announced its latest innovation: a partnership with multi-awarded fashion designer Frederick Peralta.

In a media conference held on Monday, December 7 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig City, FRIGGA Brand Ambassador Marites Allen and Peralta unveiled part of a 30-piece collection of ladies wear styled using five auspicious prints. “These prints carry the unique DNA that is the hallmark of FRIGGA. You won’t see them anywhere because they have been exclusively made for FRIGGA by award-winning designers,” says Ms. Allen, an international feng shui expert.


In what Marites calls “from office to airport” style, these pants suit ensembles are meant to attract good vibes: Think romance luck with the double happiness symbol.


The mystic knot print is meant as a charm for love, prosperity, and happiness.














The wu lou print is designed to enhance longevity and protect one from illness chi


Who wouldn’t want an extra dose of financial luck with this auspicious coins print?












Frederick Peralta is a perfect choice as FRIGGA’s new fashion partner. He brings into the partnership over three decades of design experience highlighted by international recognition. He is the first Filipino to win the prestigious Grand Prix at the Internationale Creatures de Jeunes de Mode (Young International Designers Competition) held in Paris in 1994. He is also the Philippine representative in the UNESCO-funded book, “High Fashion Around the World.” Peralta describes his style as somewhere between minimalist and exuberance. The merging of this wide range and his distinctive style with the luck-enhancing qualities of the FRIGGA brand presents exciting and dynamic possibilities for the special niche of fashionistas who are feng shui aficionados at the same time.

“It is such an honor to be working with a very talented and passionate fashion designer like Frederick Peralta who has made outstanding contributions to the fashion industry. He has effectively captured the feel and the energy of the FRIGGA brand and introduced them into these new designs.”  Marites couldn’t hide her excitement in sharing their latest creations with FRIGGA customers here and abroad.




















After the media preview, the limited-edition pieces will be formally presented at the 2016 Philippine Feng Shui Convention hosted by Ms. Allen and Marco Polo Hotel on January 3, 2016 in preparation for the Year of the Fire Monkey.

For more information on FRIGGA, please visit To reserve a seat for the annual feng shui convention, please call 0920 9509390, 5560615, 4429113 or 8188858; or e-mail

[Press Release for Frigga Charmed Life by Marites Allen]


Designer : Frederick Peralta

Photography : Ash Reginald Evasco

Styling : Sonia Agbayani and Rommel Manlangit

 Make Up : Megu Villarosa

Marites Allen dares friends: Take the challenge, cut it short

International feng shui master Marites Allen recently pulled a daring act that has put her in the good company of celebrities Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Lawrence, and Katie Holmes, among others.

short hair pics

Like these women known for their ravishing looks, Marites has opted to cut off her long tresses and now sports a shorter hairstyle. But before others could even assume a life crisis is behind her decision to have a make-over, the feng shui maven laughs off the thought: “I’ll be the first to counter that a woman who decides to cut her hair must be undergoing some sort of a life issue. That’s complete nonsense!” She adds that in her case, her decision to change hairstyles came spontaneously. “I just got tired of wearing the same look for the past 26 years, so I felt the long curls had to go.” She chose May 6, 2015 to do it as her Feng Shui Planner shows that day to be auspicious for cutting one’s hair.

marites allen in her new look

Reactions to her new do came thick and fast. Hundreds of messages from friends and feng shui followers complimented her on her new look. Of course, Marites was most flattered by the one that came from husband Nick who said she looked “absolutely stunning and sexier!” The auspicious choice of date seemed to work as the following day, she was in a number of business meetings that brought promising prospects.

Marites excitedly mentions other advantages of short hair. “I have not experienced having quick showers until now!” She then proceeds to compute how much she saves on haircare products. The time she used to spend grooming her hair now goes to more time sleeping and resting, she adds. “And can you imagine the amount of water I save over some time because of this low-maintenance hairstyle?” In a word, she describes her decision to cut her long hair as absolutely “liberating.”

Without skipping a beat, she urges other women to go for the same experience she just had. She goes on to dare her friends who have been sporting shoulder-length hairstyles to follow her lead.

Would Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez, style icon Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and award-winning actress Jennylyn Mercado take up her challenge?

2015 Feng Shui Updates: The future need not be so uncertain

(published in the December 21 issue of The Philippine Star, Lifestyle section)


The 2015 Marites Allen Feng Shui Updates for the Year of the Wood Sheep is set for December 27, 2014 at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City. This annual convention, first held in the Philippines in 2007 by international feng shui master Marites Allen, has developed a huge following among feng shui aficionados, including known personalities in business, media, and entertainment in the Philippines and nearby Asian cities.

Marites, who is also the President and CEO of World of Feng Shui Philippines, explains that there is a need for practitioners to update their feng shui every year because of the cyclical changes in the movements of natural elements that affect our destiny charts. “It should not be likened to the concept of fortune telling using cards or crystal balls. Feng shui is a totally different type of discipline that requires careful and tedious interpretations of these cyclical changes using well-accepted formulas or sets of theories,” she emphasizes. Marites was mentored by respected feng shui masters from Asia and is certified in several feng shui disciplines. She is the first and only Filipina to be awarded the prestigious title “Master in Feng Shui” by the world-renowned International Feng Shui Association.

Through careful interpretation of these movements, general forecasts are derived, with indications for business and personal aspirations such as wealth, relationships, health, and career, among others. In last year’s convention, Marites recalls that the Year of the Wood Horse was seen as a very aggressive period, with lots of in-fighting and power struggles affecting male leaders. There were indications, too, of earth-  and water-related disasters. The strong Fire element boded well for the entertainment and show business industry, she added. Indeed, this year, many locally produced films have won awards in international film festivals.

In her individual forecasts, she noted that 2014 would not be a good year for those born in the years of the Rat, Horse, and Rabbit because these animal signs were in conflict with the Tai Sui or the Chinese God of the Year. This afflicted energy brings many forms of misfortune. Some personalities that have figured prominently in recent events are Senators Enrile (Rat), Revilla (Horse), and Estrada (Rabbit). President Noynoy Aquino is another Rat-born person.

“Did you know that July 17, 2014, the day the MH17 crashed in Ukraine, had indications of an inauspicious day?” Marites explains that July 17 was an Ox day, clashing with the Sheep month. The day was a destruction day and unsuitable for travel, based on feng shui charts. “There are many similar instances of famous personalities dying on their conflict months, days, or hours. What we’re saying is that it wouldn’t hurt if we only mind these subtle indications.”

The December 27 is set to be a lively discussion of forecasts for 2015, which Marites sees to be a generally good year, but still a period to be very careful about because of the presence of yin or weak elements in the annual destiny chart. “There will be new discussions as well, never before done in past events, which I would like to share because they will be very beneficial to all participants. Of course, we will have new feng shui cures, charms, and Frigga fashion collection designed to attract good luck in 2015.”

Marites will have Mr. Boy Abunda, Asia’s King of Talk, as cohost. Participants may shop for their luck enhancers and auspicious fashion and accessories during the event.

Limited seats for the 2015 Feng Shui Updates are still available. Please call 0920 9509390, 4420113, 5765331, 5560615 or e-mail