Please show some love on Mother’s Day

It pains me to post something like this, and on Mother’s Day yet. But then, what could be a more fitting way to honor one great Filipina mom than to show some love when she needs it most.


Please click here to make a donation.

Here’s full text of her friends’ appeal on the Go Get Funding site:

We are friends of Virgie Sabena, a hardworking and honest 42-year old single mom of 2 children who has been diagnosed with Stage 3-B breast cancer almost 3 years ago. Despite many efforts of funding her own treatment, as well as seeking assistance from the government and private foundations, she is unable to continue into the much needed next round of her treatment. Gigie has even, through her health problems, tries to work to help raise funds for living expenses through housecleaning work and now also working from home for an online business. But she cannot do it all by herself and seeks your kind assistance and support in the form of a donation of any amount to help reach her goal.


In her own words:

I am writing this letter to appeal for your help again regarding my health condition. I am undergoing treatment for breast cancer stage 3-B, a life threatening disease that is causing me so much physical, mental and emotional pain.

My latest medical check-up revealed that I developed further complications which need to be addressed immediately. My oncologist recommended a new round of treatment for brain metastasis.

Being a solo breadwinner with no stable source of income and given the prohibitive cost of this new treatment protocol I must admit that I am very scared. But then I also need to do everything I can to get well and extend my life as I have a family to support and because I believe with God nothing is impossible.

Thus I am compelled to request for financial assistance from persons like you for any amount you can give along with your prayers which will be deeply appreciated.

May God Bless your kindness and generosity.


Virgie “Gigie” Sabena

Note: For complete details and questions you can contact Dr. Jaime Enrique Hilado

Tel No. +632 8320641/ Mobile No. 0917 636 5505 (Philippines)




Living the American Dream

book coverIn her first published book, Carolina Esguerra Colborn chronicles over four years’ worth of travel with her husband, Bill, throughout the United States, and parts of Canada and Mexico. Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream is a travel book, a fitting ode to the RV lifestyle – a lifestyle that few people dare to lead, and a pipe dream for many Americans.

Friends will remember Carol as the high-flying Filipina executive who held top posts in the Philippine business and academic scene before she relocated to the Land of Uncle Sam. She was President/CEO of BayanTrade, Managing Director of SAP Philippines, Deputy Commissioner of the BIR, General Manager of MegaLink, Vice-President of DAP, and was once a Senior Project Manager of Andersen Consulting and Marketing Manager of the Institute of Advanced Computer Technology.

Her new calling card now reads: Carolina Esguerra Colborn. Wanderer. Writer. Wife.  

Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream is also a telling of the author’s inner journey. While vicariously navigating from one fascinating place to another, picking up interesting facts about America’s noble past and exciting prospects, readers get a glimpse of how the Colborns transitioned from the driven life to the more laid-back RVing mode. The subplot involving the ups and downs of an interracial marriage seamlessly weaves itself into the chapters and makes this a travel book like no other.

“The American Dream” has always been regarded in light of materialistic ideals. Fame and fortune as payback for hard work. America as a place of bountiful opportunities. In Carolina: Cruising, the author presents yet other facets of that dream that she, herself, achieved —  finding a fulfilling and loving relationship in this country and embracing American values without cutting her Filipino roots.

The book may now be ordered from Amazon:

iUniverse Bookstore:

and Barnes and Noble:


“You must give everything to make your life

as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”

― Roman Payne

Hooray for Today!

It must be the Bacharach beat to it, and I happen to be a huge Bacharach fan. The melody sticks to my mind like glue. The Hallmarky lyrics  speak of the simple things that really matter but which we often take for granted. Add the images that lend that magical feeling; yes, there are plenty in the latest McDonalds commercial that warm the heart. This is one commercial that actually sets me off to beautiful mornings.

Watch and sing along:

Hooray for today! (lyrics)

Hooray for mornings!
And things that make them good.
Hooray for beaming smiles that make my day!
Hooray for stops and gos!
Hooray for colors and quick hellos!
Hooray for surprises that walk my way!
Hooray for friends I’ll make … oh, hey!
Hooray for treats that make me smile
like magic stripes that fill the sky!
Hooray for days that make me say,
“Oh, hooray for today!”

A Google search showed that we have Leo Burnett Manila to thank for this gem of a commercial. A tip of the hat, too, to this agency for choosing the first day of the year to launch the campaign. We all need an infusion of positivism in the midst of recent unfortunate events.

While searching for info on this TVC, I also chanced on an old material that has been labeled as McDonalds’ best commercial ever. Click here to see if you agree, but if my two cents are worth anything, I’d rather see a reversal of the male and female roles.

Hooray for this Sunday morning!


Postscript: For those who are asking who the guy in the Hooray commercial is—he is professional model and Tarlac councilor Carlo Sawit. There’s no confirmed info on the identity of the singer, though many say he sounds like AJ Rafael.

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