Where there’s a will…

A few days back, I saw a Facebook post about a doctor from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) requesting kids to create “Get Well” cards to be given out to COVID-19 patients. While the doctor thought of this as a creative and meaningful activity for children, she said that it was not limited to young minds. It was an opportunity offered to others as well, who want to express their support to the isolated patients and frontline health workers.

After quickly checking my arts and crafts supplies, I thought this was something I could do. On Day 1, I had some cards printed with encouraging messages. After cutting them to appropriate sizes, I counted 48 cards. Not bad for one day.

On Day 2, I gathered colorful images to go with the cards. And then it dawned on me that I might have a problem sending them over to RITM c/o Dr. Nicole Perreras, the doctor who made the request. No courier service would be willing to deliver them to a hospital designated to care for COVID-19 patients. Unfortunately, the e-mail provided as the forwarding address for the card designs could no longer receive additional messages. A happy problem it seemed, as it meant that there were a lot of responses to the good doctor.

It also meant that I may not make more cards, since they could not be delivered anyway.

And so I share them here, hoping that somehow they may help uplift the spirits of their intended recipients.

These ones are from the “Spring Blossoms” set.

And these are from the “Winged Inspirations” set.

To our dear COVID warriors, if you are viewing these now from your hospital bed, know that I prayed for you while I was making each card. Nothing could make me happier than having you get one of those cards in your breakfast tray as intended, and keep them for your own later. But for now, know that a lot of people have you in their thoughts and prayers for your quick recovery.

Please keep the faith, get out of that hospital bed soon — and when you can, inspire us with your story of healing.