My lucky yellow iris



like the morning sun

  my yellow iris casts light

  upon my dark life

One thing I don’t have is a green thumb. Even the hardy lemongrass or tanglad that thrives wildly by many roadsides refuses to cooperate with my earnest attempt to grow anything.

But nature is full of surprises.

Sometime in May this year my good friend Marites Allen, a noted feng shui expert, had her soft launch of her new clothing line, Frigga. After the short fashion show, she didn’t know what to do with the huge celebratory bouquet accorded to her for the rollout of her new venture. She was concerned that the beautiful blooms would be untended to and simply wither at the condo where she stays when she’s in Manila. She then thoughtfully asked me to have them as her Mother’s Day gift to me. The colorful bunch of red roses, bright yellow mums, orange carnations, and lovely pink stargazers was such a delightful hand-me-down. I needed at least three vases to contain those beauties.

After a week of enjoying the blooms, it was such a downer to dispose of them when they wilted. The filler greens, however, looked strong and fit enough to plant. I wasted no time in situating them in a pot, an effort that put a foreboding smile on the hubby’s face. He has the ‘cooler’ hands and probably doubted that I’d succeed that time around.

One, two, and several weeks later, the plants looked stable. One of them turned out to be a yellow iris plant, referred to as the poor man’s orchid. Some eight months later the iris plant started to sprout some buds. In feng shui, number 8 is the symbol of infinity, a luck symbol if you ask Marites.

On the third week of December, the first full bloom appeared. But not for long. I learned later that iris blooms only for a day. I didn’t even get to see my miracle beauty end its one-day reign. I turned around and a spoiler passer-by plucked it right off its stem.

On December 21 when the world was predicted to end, it didn’t of course. When I took a loving look at my iris plant I noted a twin bulb from the same stem—a double delight to replace what I lost earlier. It was going to be a good day. Coming at a time when I am facing a life-changing issue, my yellow iris flower tells me that things will be just fine. Thanks in no small measure to the gesture of a dear friend and to Mother Nature wielding her magic wand.

double iris
The double-petalled bloom

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