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Welcome to my blog site! I’m Chit, a freelance writer/editor and occasional blogger. Not your usual multi-hyphenate. Just add Life Lover and Math Hater, and that’s pretty much who and what I am.

I’ve been blogging for the last five years, but I still don’t do things right. I write long copy. I use photos that are not Instagram-worthy but that’s OK, I guess. I don’t have an Instagram account. I’m not on Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr, either.

What I love is sharing my thoughts on the simple things that make a golden-ager happy. Road trips with family and friends, casual walks around the neighborhood, alumni homecomings – they are stories worth telling. Reflecting on times past, but of course!  Finding meaning in meeting strangers – how lovely!

Life is a feast. That’s why I always keep my salt and pepper shakers ready.

Thanks for dropping by and please find time to leave a note or two. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Monologues are great, but only if you’re Shakespeare.

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12 thoughts on “Blogger’s Profile

  1. Hi Chit! I loved your photo of the hands with the flame on it, and i would like to use it on a school calendar, would you matter?
    I would obviously give you credits, thanks.

  2. Hi Chit,

    The photo of your Manila Metropolitan Theater is just perfect for our book cover “Bulwagan” COuld you possibly share us the source so we can give credits Thanks

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