World Street Food Congress 2016


My hubby and I decided to visit the World Street Food Congress on its last day today at BGC. I insisted on catching the opening hours at 12:00 noon to be able to cover much ground.

It was a bad call.

This is just a short portion of the line that had its tail on another block

At 15 minutes to 12:00 there was a long queue waiting to be allowed entry into the event grounds. Not wanting to melt under the noontime sun, we chose to wait it out on the opposite side of the street, which was shaded. When they finally announced that the gates were open, we immediately went to buy bottled water as our first line of defense against the oppressive heat. I gave the attendant money for two bottles of distilled water and waited for him to hand me some change. When he didn’t budge, I reminded him that I just gave him a hundred pesos. He just stared at me and said no change was due. That was P50 bucks for each 500 ml of drinking water! I was too parched to complain so I simply walked away. Another red flag.

Singapore Seafood Tempura for the hubby

Without much thought, hubby went straight to the first stall to buy food. Probably didn’t even know what he lined up for. Didn’t even bother to ask for his senior citizen’s discount for the Singapore Triple Sauce Seafood Tempura he ordered.

I was hungry, too, but I took time to check out what the other stalls had to offer. I finally settled for Chicken Biryani and joined my husband pronto. Lunch at the tent-covered dining area was so-so except when hot and dry wind would sometimes blow carrying dust particles that landed…guess where. Yum!

chicken biryani
Chicken biryani for me


There were other options for dessert, but we went for the churros sundae from Churros Loco. You guessed it. Naloko kami. No like. I’ll have Dulcinea churros anytime.

Many of the food choices were hot and spicy. AND fried.

ayam taliwang

carrot cake

banh can

hoy tord

mee siam

penang laksa

Buti na lang, there’s Pinoy street food to save the day. Even if some of them are also, er…fried.

north philippines

one visayas

one mindanao

lucban treats
Couldn’t go home without these: Lucban Longganisa and Duo of Sugar Glazed Pilipit and Suman
and spicy Pasta Bicolandia

Given that we chose the worst time to visit, but I wish we had better memories of this event on its first time in Manila. Too bad, there’s no more chance to experience it on a better day.

Overall, I can safely say I’ve had more fun and better choices at the Legazpi and Salcedo weekend markets.

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