Christmas in Paradise, Part 2


The weather started to act up in the evening of our Day 1. On the second day, we had to cross to the opposite wing of the hotel for breakfast, since the dining area on our side was full. Before breakfast was over, the hotel staff were reminding guests to stay far from the glass windows for their own safety.

Outside, the winds were gaining strength. While no one was looking, I pulled the drapes a little to the side and took shots of how things were outside. Within a short span, I saw how the trees by the pool swayed to the tune of the winds.

One minute the tune was soft and low.

The next minute it became louder as if to issue a warning; and not too long after, the loud whistle became a serious howl.

While waiting for the temporary lull before the storm takes a counter turn to unleash more power, I thought about some people, like hotel staff, who go about their assigned tasks even during holidays, to make sure that hotel guests remain safe and sound. 

There are many others out there who take on holiday shifts, bad weather and all, away from their families, in the service of others. Think of security personnel, airport staff, health and rescue workers. They sacrifice their own welfare to keep us out of harm’s way. Perhaps we can help them fulfill their mandates better by not taking risks and minding the odds. Best, let’s be nice to them and give them the respect and admiration they deserve as everyday heroes.

There are current studies being made in search of ways to lower wind speeds during storms and to reduce their destructive potential. Until that technology is in place, distance yourself from characters who claim they can control natural forces [remember the Mindanao Earthquake (B)ender?] by simply commanding the elements to ‘Stop!’ 🙂

(Up next, “Christmas in Paradise, Part 3”)

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