What are your Character Strengths?

(Banner Photo Source: Dreamstime)

In the midst of the pandemic lockdown last year until recently, I turned to online courses to keep my mind off unproductive thoughts. The ones I completed provided valuable takeaways, but I want to mention three that left such meaningful and lasting impressions: “The Science of Well-Being” (Yale University), “Resilience in a Time of Uncertainty” (University of Pennsylvania), and “Positive Psychology” (University of Pennysylvania) – all from the Coursera platform.

All three had substantial discussions on the virtue of character strengths and how developing them can help us experience fulfillment and satisfaction in our daily lives. Recognizing our unique character strengths and applying them in our personal activities could hold the key to creating better versions of ourselves.

From the 24 character strengths listed by The VIA Institute on Character, I chose 12 and used them as subjects for my Facebook cover photos, after adding related quotes from well-known personalities.

For the first-half of 2021, I posted cover photos for Optimism, Love, Kindness, Perspective, Humor, and Faith.

From July to December, I shared quotes about Humility, Gratitude, Creativity, Leadership, Integrity, and Enthusiasm.

By compiling all of them in this blog post, now I only need to click once to be reminded that happiness and well-being, indeed, can be taught and learned.

Should you want to know what your character strengths are, simply click here.

You may also want to consider registering for any of the courses I mentioned through Coursera.

“You cannot dream yourself into a Character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.”

— James A. Froude

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