Haikus and Blooms

For the past several years, I have found so much pleasure in posting different cover photos for my Facebook page.

Last year, it was all about character strengths and how they contribute to experiencing fulfillment and happiness in daily life.

The year before that, I shared images and popular quotes about each month.

For 2022, I combined haikus and blooms to reflect on the beauty and significance of 12 tropical flowers commonly found in the Philippines. Of course, each one deserves more than three lines of tribute, but for now, and just to end this year on a cheerful note, I am sharing all of them here.

I started 2022 with a haiku on the lotus flower as a symbol of resilience and the quest for enlightenment.

In April, childhood memories came back with the santan flower. May was tinged with political color, and despite dashed hopes, summer came with sunflowers to nudge us to the reality that we can remain cool in hot weather.

The haikus for the next five months speak for themselves.

My December cover features the poinsettia, and how it reminds me to be grateful for what a great and blessed year this has been!


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